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if you are waiting for me to acknowlge the new doctor who episode, i have watched it, but i will blog stuff from it on my side blog here afraid-doctor :)

enjoy the rest of your evening, i’m about to sleep tho

And I got another good luck message from Peter Davison, who was filming Distant Shores at the time. I was about ten when Tom regenerated into Peter Davison, so again, another amazing moment. In fact, Peter came on set one day with his children, which was a big thrill both for them and me!

David Tennant (2005)


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Doctor Who Confidential: David Tennant Per Episode

Script to Screen (2x04)


"Feels like you’ve never been away. Easter was hilarious ‘cause we all went a bit mad on these chocolate eggs and we were really, really hectic and excitable, to the point where we had so much sugar that we could barely speak.” - Billie Piper

Behind the scenes: towing the Earth home
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