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David Tennant in Much Ado About Nothing (2011) - Part 2

get to know me meme - [5/10] current celebrity crushes

           ➤ David Tennant

“But let’s also remember that the Doctor is in a very different place in his life. Chris was the war survivor Doctor, the high-plains drifter, pushing everyone away. But he’s brought back to life by a girl he falls in love with, and when he regenerates perhaps he reaches out to her a bit. He becomes a more suitable ‘boyfriend’. Often when talking to women I’ve wished I could turn into David Tennant - and I’m pretty sure they’ve all wished that too.”
Steven Moffat [x]

{03/30} favourite photos of david tennant → As Berowne in Shakespeare’s Love Labour’s Lost

David Tennant for Exeter Students Guild campaign against sexual harassment, October 2014 (x)